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Customized Products: from designing to manufacturing

Murata offers turnkey solutions, from design to manufacture of custom dies that match your application perfectly.

The unique PICS technology is a highly efficient way of integrating tens or even hundreds of passive components such as resistors, capacitors, inductors and Zener diodes in a single silicon die.

Moreover, performance exceeds that of traditional SMDs, thanks to the outstanding characteristics of Murata silicon Components.

The size of application boards could easily be reduced by a factor of more than 10.

In addition, significant cost reductions and performance improvements can be achieved by replacing external SMD components by customized IPD dies.

3D Silicon Capacitors: World's record high density capacitance in silicon

Murata developed a unique technology to integrate a wide range of capacitor values on silicon. Murata High Density Silicon Capacitors bring unprecedented performance and considerably ease system integration through miniaturization. More than 1 billion consumer devices already benefit from this groundbreaking technology thus proving its maturity and reliability.

Murata Silicon Capacitors can be used throughout a wide range of applications covering such diverse functions as power decoupling, signal coupling, pump charging, DC/DC power conversion.

Silicon capacitors are the best capacitors in all demanding applications such as medical intrusive devices.

Murata Silicon Capacitors can be used as over-performance product to replace existing ceramic and tantalum capacitors in your design, when stability, performances and reliability are your main concern.

Murata offers design services so as to develop an optimized solution for any specific application requirements.

Integrated Protection Devices: Up to 100 Volts

Murata has been providing ESD protection tailored to the needs of High Brightness LED since 2001, working closely with one of leading manufacturers of the High Brightness LEDs.

We supply various solutions for effective ESD protection of InGaN LEDs.

Custom solutions can be designed, from high efficiency ESD protection devices to silicon submounts integrating ESD protection.