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Wirebond & Embedded Silicon Capacitors

Product Description

IPDiA Wirebond & Embedded Silicon Capacitors (Sicaps)are designed to be compliant with embedding process for printed circuit board and laminates.
Thanks to the high robustness and reliability of these silicon passive components, embedded processes are now becoming a reality.

Key Benefits

Very low profile down to 80m
Low leakage current
Low ESL and ESR
High capacity value up to 4.7F
High reliability
Extended temperature range

Key Features

Breakdown voltage 11V; 30V
Several finishings available
Delivered in wafer forms, in single bare or packaged parts

Capacitance value Temperature range Die thickness Breakdown Voltage PDF
10nF > 4.7F -55C / +150C 100m 11V; 30V PDF
10nF > 4.7F -55C / +200C 250m 11V; 30V PDF
10nF > 4.7F -55C / +250C 250m 11V; 30V PDF
VIDEO : IPDiA Mounting Capacitors (wire bonding) Vido
EMSC Assembly Note PDF
ETSC Assembly Note PDF
EXSC Assembly Note PDF